How We Wish to Be Remembered

We may not realize how memorable our life actually is until we gaze into our loved one's eyes and ask, "If you were to tell my story, what would you say? How will you remember me?"

Your Personal Living Life Story

Many wish to craft their own life story prior to their passing, but may find it challenging to do so. I will work with you one-on-one to create an honest and meaningful living life story of your own. Asking some of the same questions I ask loved ones while writing obituaries, I will help you gather your crucial information and tell your essential stories, blending them into a portrait that captures the best of you. I promise to provide a memorable and meaningful living story for your loved one.

Life Stories...

unfold silently, quietly, a whisper in our ear gradually increasing in sound and cadence until it becomes a shout. Hear me!


"Thank you so very much for doing such a wonderful heartfelt job. I am very happy with the results!" Regina, Brunswick, Maine

My Fee

I recognize and understand the grieving process, and I will do my best to treat it with delicacy and respect, and with an understanding that only comes from having been in your shoes. I charge $250 for a commonly accepted 300 word obituary. Initial contact is free. After we talk and you are assured that I will represent your loved one's story lovingly and meaningfully, then you will submit payment. I will then begin crafting your or your loved one's life story.

I also offer a two-sided memorial graphic. Price subject to amount ordered.

A Loved One's Life Story

As an obituary writer, it is a privilege to craft individualized life stories that are meaningful and deserve to be cherished.

When we loose someone dear to our heart we want to pay tribute to them in a meaningful way. I have no words to share other than I am so sorry. I understand grief and have experienced it many times over, so I know no platitudes will make it better. Undoubtedly you want their story told in the way it deserves to be told. This is where I can help. I hate thinking of people struggling to write about their loved ones when they are already struggling with so much else. All lives are filled with color, dreams, life goals and achievements! Everyone has a life story, but also everyone's story is different.

Your graphic will memorialize your life or the life of a loved one meaningfully. I recognize how important it is to tell one's life story in the way it deserves to be told.

Two-Sided Memorial Graphic

Two-sided graphic. A poem of your choice will be used or I will choose a beautiful poem for you with your purview one one side and the crafted memorable life story will be on the other side.